Rplate Essential Digital License Plate Arizona

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Vendor: Reviver Auto SKU: ACKBAR2-ESS-AZ


The World's First Digital License Plate

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  • * Rplate Essential Digital License Plate
  • * Recurring Essential Monthly Subscription (includes data plan & mobile app): $2.99

Functional License Plate

The Rplate is a fully functional license plate and is compliant with state standards*. At 6″ x 12″, the Rplate replaces the traditional rear license plate on most vehicles.

* The Rplate is currently available in CA and AZ.

Safe and Secure

The Rplate provides custom tamper-proof mounting and built-in anti-theft features.

On Road Visibility

With a crisp, bright, reflective screen, the Rplate Essential is easily discernible in all weather conditions.