Rplate Pro Digital License Plate

Our Price: $599
Vendor: Reviver Auto SKU: ACKBAR2-PRO-CA


The Rplate Pro transforms the 125-year-old stamped metal vehicle license plate into a cool-looking, multi-functional digital display and connected vehicle platform, delivering multiple efficiencies to businesses, government agencies and consumers.

  • Complies with state and regulatory standards
  • Fully legal in California and approved by the DMV and CHP
  • Eliminates the need for traditional plate decals and stickers
  • Keep your existing issued or personalized license plate number
  • Special interest and cause plates are coming soon
  • Enables multiple plate messaging on the bottom of the Rplate
  • Custom hardware with tamper-proof secure element
  • Anti-theft features
  • Secure and encrypted data connection to the cloud
  • AES 256-bit symmetric key encryption
  • Secure HTTP access using TLS
  • Vehicle location and usage
  • Log trips – Date, Time, Distance and Route
  • Set Geo-Fence Notifications

Parked vehicles can display – COMING LATER THIS YEAR

  • Targeted marketing messages via geo-fencing
  • Corporate branding and personalized messages

The Rplate Pro is a fully functional license plate and is compliant with state standards*. At 6″ X 12″, the Rplate Pro replaces the traditional license plate on most vehicles.

* The Rplate Pro is currently available in CA and in pilot in AZ

The Rplate Pro provides custom tamper-proof mounting and built-in anti-theft features.

With a crisp, bright, reflective screen, the Rplate Pro is easily discernible in all weather conditions.

The Rplate Pro is industrial-strength and able to withstand extreme changes in weather conditions.

Requires Monthly Subscription of $6.99.

Reviver Auto takes user privacy and data security seriously. Rplate Pro users can rest assured that their data – especially usage/telematics information – is never shared with the DMV, law enforcement, or any other third party. Rplate Pro users can turn their telematics/location data on or off at any time. Telematics data is not uploaded to Reviver Auto’s US-based cloud infrastructure and is not available when the user turns off the functionality from their app or our Rconnect website. The telematics data belongs to the user and is never sold to third parties.

In addition to privacy, data security is equally critical in importance. The Rplate Pro is locked down with integrity validation and secure elements to deter and detect any breaches or hacking. Reviver Auto’s server infrastructure utilizes industry standard cloud infrastructure hosted in a virtual private network encrypted with 256-bit crypto keys – the same security standards utilized in online banking. Reviver Auto regularly conducts audits and penetration tests to ensure its systems are secure.