Wilwood Direct Bolt-On Forged DPHA Front Caliper Kit Honda / Acura

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Vendor: Wilwood SKU: 140-13029

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Forged DPHA Front Caliper Kit

Wilwood’s new DynaPro Honda/Acura Caliper (DPHA) for Honda and Acura models originally equipped with 262mm diameter rotors. These calipers bolt directly to the stock mounts on factory spindles, fit over the OE 262mm diameter rotor, accept the OE brake hose, and clear many factory aluminum wheels including the EM1 Si 15” wheel. Designed around Wilwood’s proven DynaPro series four piston calipers, the forged billet bodied DPHA caliper delivers high-strength clamping force and positive stopping power. Four stainless steel pistons provide fully balanced pad loading, along with the corrosion resistance and thermal retardant qualities of the stainless alloy that will keep your calipers cooler and running trouble free for many more miles. Calipers work perfectly with the OE master cylinder and ABS functions, and are available with either black or red high-gloss, high-temp, brake fluid resistant sealed powder coat and feature Wilwood’s signature logo.


1990-1996 Acura Integra All
1997-2001 Acura Integra (except Type-R)
1986-1990 Acura Legend All
1989 Honda Accord LXi
1988 Honda Accord LXi/SEi
1989 Honda Accord SEi
1996-2000 Honda Civic Coupe EX
1993-1995  Honda Civic Coupe EX AT
1993-1995  Honda Civic Coupe EX Manual
1994-1995  Honda Civic EX w/Rear Disc
1999-2000  Honda Civic Coupe Si
2006-2012  Honda Civic DX
2005  Honda Civic DX/HX/VP Models
2006-2012  Honda Civic EX
2004-2005  Honda Civic EX/GX/LX
2001-2003  Honda Civic EX/GX Models
2006-2012  Honda Civic GX
1994-1995  Honda Civic Hatchback Si
1996-1997  Honda Civic Hatchback
2013-2015  Honda Civic HF
2006-2015  Honda Civic Hybrid
2013-2015  Honda Civic Hybrid-L
2006-2012  Honda Civic LX
2013-2015  Honda Civic LX Manual
2015  Honda Civic SE Manual
1990-2000  Honda Civic Sedan EX
1992-1995  Honda Civic Sedan EX w/ Rear Disc
1996  Honda Civic Sedan LX
1994-1995  Honda Civic Sedan LX w/Auto
1994-1995  Honda Civic Sedan LX w/Manual
2002-2003  Honda Civic Si/SiR
2007-2013 Honda Fit Base
2008-2013  Honda Fit DX
2014-2017  Honda Fit DX
2012  Honda Fit DX-A
2012-2017  Honda Fit EX
2015-2017  Honda Fit  EX-L
2008-2017  Honda Fit LX
2017  Honda Fit SE
2007-2014  Honda Fit Sport
2011-2014 Honda Insight Base
2010-2014 Honda Insight EX & LX
1989-1991 Honda Prelude Si/SE
1988 Honda Prelude Si/SE Late Model


Brake kits are designed to fit OE Factory Spindles.  Contact Wilwood if you are not using a factory spindle.

This Hub Offset will move the wheels inward or outward from the fenderby this amount on each side of the vehicle

This Brake Kit may fit 15-inch wheels. Please refer to the wheel clearance diagram to check to see if it will fit your specific wheel.