Replacement Air Filter 2009-14 Audi A4, 2010-14 A5, 2011-16 Q5, 2013-16 Allroad 2.0L

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Vendor: Hengst SKU: 8R0 133 843 K


Pulled out of thin air: Air filters.

The most important filter in a petrol and diesel engine is the air filter because it has the task of holding back particles whilst drawing in air, thus ensuring a pure fuel-air mixture.

Hengst air filters have a special paper embossing which ensures maximum filter stability and prevents filter clogging. The filter paper is high-quality embossed and remains pressure-stable and tear-resistant even in damp weather conditions. In addition, it is mainly flame-retardant and prevents engine fires caused by flying sparks. Our air filters have a perfect fit, ensuring a high functional safety, hundred per cent tightness and a quick and easy installation. By dynamic engine usage they remain pulsation-stable and achieve a constant separation efficiency of almost one hundred per cent.