Wagner Tuning Competition Intercooler Kit BMW E82/E90

Our Price: $900
Vendor: Wagner Tuning SKU: 200001044


100% Designed and engineered in Germany, Wagner Tuning has made their way to the top of the food chain when it comes to high flow, precision-engineered intercoolers and downpipes. Their engineers have specifically designed these intercoolers to help eliminate pressure drop, increase air flow in the most efficient ways, and maintain low intake temperatures to maximize any possible power gains. In addition, the intercoolers are constructed from premium quality materials that save significant amounts of weight over stock and are specially coated to ensure maximum longevity and continued reliability.

Engineered to help squeeze every bit of performance out of the N54/N55 engines, this intercooler provides an 85% increase in frontal surface area, which leads to 90% more volume than your stock intercooler. The engineers at Wagner Tuning created an intercooler with a stepped core, increasing the core size to 520x210x150mm which allows for a flow rate of 13.57cm. The stock intercooler is significantly smaller at just 510x130x110mm with a flow rate of nearly half at only just 7.29cm! The result is a huge boost in cooling, helping to eliminate heat-soak issues seen with the stock intercooler.


  • 85% larger frontal area
  • 90% increase in volume
  • Designed to remove OEM bottlenecks
  • 520mm x 210mm x 150mm / stepped
  • Lightweight
  • Kit includes black intercooler and mounting material
  • Installation instructions

Application: BMW E82 E90 EVO II