19x8.5 / 19x9.5 Volk Racing GT-7 5x114.3 Mercury Silver

Our Price: $2,800
Vendor: Volk Racing SKU: 03553353605CRE0132911


Forged 2-piece (Seamless) Wheel manufactured by RAYS Engineering Japan.

LAST SET!!!!!!!!!

Size- 19x8.5
Bolt Pattern- 5x114.3
Offset- +39
Color- Mercury Silver

Size- 19x9.5
Bolt Pattern- 5x114.3
Offset- +36
Color- Mercury Silver

Priced for a set (4 wheels)

Valve Stems are included.

Volk Racing is the top brand name line of forged wheels from RAYS Engineering, a Japanese manufacturer of high tech wheels for motorsports and street. They are current wheel suppliers to winning factory race teams of Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and Mazda in tough racing series such as JGTC (Japan Grand Touring Car Championship), JTCC (Japan Touring Car Championship), BTCC (British Touring Car Championship), Formula 3000, and Formula 1.
They manufacture wheels for revered factory tuning firms such as TRD (Toyota Racing Development), Mazda Speed, Nismo, and Mugen.

Forged wheels by RAYS embody formidable expertise in balancing lightness and rigidity. In designs that are exhaustively analyzed for rigidity, RAYS wheels immediately communicate high performance.

RAYS wheels meet JWL (Japan Light Alloy Wheel) safety standards and beyond with JWL+R standards (JWL + RAYS extensions). JWL+R standards are based on far more rigorous safely criteria than JWL standards. Taking account actual running conditions, RAYS has designed a 90-degree impact test in which a one-ton weight is dropped on the wheels from a height of 140mm. After this, typically by 800,000 revolutions in a post-impact drum test, the wheel is checked to determine if rolling performance has been compromised.