AEM Cold Air Intake 2012-15 BMW 335i / 2015-16 M235i (3.0L)

Retail Price: $529.99 Our Price: $476.99
Vendor: AEM SKU: 21-754DS


While already a great performer with 0-60 acceleration at about 5.4 seconds, 60-0 braking at about 117 ft., and respectable fuel economy of 25 mpg combined for the sedan (with automatic trans) and 22 combined for the coupe (manual), you can take the 335i to another level with increased horsepower and torque. The way to accomplish this levitation for the 2012-2015 335i sedan and 2013 335i coupe is with the new AEM 21-754DS cold air intake system, which, in dynomometer testing on a 2012 sedan showed an estimated gain of 12 horsepower and 20 foot-pounds of torque at 3200 rpm. You could really go places with those numbers, and the car will have superior airflow and filtration, while sounding very much like their sporty 335is sibling.

Designed and engineered to replace the factory intake housing, air is brought into the system through an oversized red AEM Dryflow synthetic, washable air filter fitted to an open-bottom AEM air box. The replacement air box not only protects the intake system from engine bay heat but helps to produce that aggressive 335is-like note on acceleration.

The 21-754DS system specifically accommodates the 335i's factory emissions control devices, including the mass airflow sensor. The aerodynamically engineered intake tube is formed out of high-density polyethylene and creates a superior flow of air into the engine’s turbo inlet after it has passed through the cylindrical AEM Dryflow filter.

There is also economy built into this system in that the synthetic, oil-free air filter can be cleaned and re-used. Intended to last up to 100,000 miles before a service (depending on driving conditions or owner preference), the filter is easily removed, cleaned with AEM 1-1000 Air Filter Cleaner, rinsed, dried, and replaced.

Estimated Horsepower Gain 12 HP @ 3200 RPM

The following BMW vehicles can be fitted with the AEM 21-754DS cold air intake system:
2015 BMW 335i 3.0L L6 F/I - All
2014 BMW 335i 3.0L L6 F/I - All
2013 BMW 335i COUPE 3.0L L6 F/I - All
2013 BMW 335i 3.0L L6 F/I - All
2012 BMW 335i 3.0L L6 F/I - All

Note: Street Legal In All US States: NO

  • Increased horsepower
  • Tuned and dyno-tested to improve acceleration and engine sound
  • Low restriction aluminum tubing
  • Air filter lasts up to 100,000 miles before cleaning is required (depending on driving conditions)
  • Washable and reusable oil-free filter media
  • AEM Lifetime Limited Warranty