BF Xenon HID 9005 / H10 / 9140 / 9145 - Premium OEM HID Xenon Headlight Kit - LIFETIME WARRANTY

Retail Price: $229.95 Our Price: $119
Vendor: BF Xenon SKU: 1026000k-1


OEM White 4300
Diamond White 6000k
Ice Blue 8000k
Blue 10000k


Guaranteed for Life!


  • Brighter light safer drive: With an output of nearly 4,000 lumens you’ll see furtherthenyour stock headlights and other HID systems allowing you to respond to potential obstructions in the road for a safer drive.
  • Engineered for your Safety: We use only the highest quality components to bring you the safest drive possible. NewHyluxASIC technology ensures aworry freedrive and solves the many issues associated with HID such as light failure while driving.
  • Plug N Play Installation: Water proofsnap connectors make upgrading your head lights simple and easy. Most installations take less than 20 minutes andisas simple as replacing your head light bulb.
  • Circuit Protection: Our unique robust circuit protection is superior to others andensureyou will have no reverse power leakage common in other HID systems resulting in costly damage to your car’s computer system and wiper blade motors.
  • Lifetime warranty: We back our craftsmanship with a 100% satisfaction guarantee andlife timewarranty. You can install it and forget it, no spending time dealing with issues.


  • Your kit is everything you need to upgrade your stock halogen or generic HID system to a premium OEM grade HID system. Includes: two 35wattAC all digital slim ballasts, two commercial grade quartz xenon gas bulbs, installation manual, warranty card and for bi-xenon kit a wiring harness.
  • We provide several colors to ensure a signature look for your vehicle.
  • All our HID systems feature:
    • CANBUS, Error Code elimination and anti-flickering technology
    • Recoil reverse power protection to keep your car computer and wiper blade motors from the damage that is common with HID systems
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Cold startdetectsystem
    • All bulbs were heat, aging and vibration tested
    • Loop / impedance power matching system
    • CE ROHS E4 and ISO-9001:2000 Approved
    • Anti-electromagnetic interference system (S95/54/EC) so it won’t interfere with your radio like many HID systems
    • Adaptive to extreme environment, works well from -45 to 105 degrees Celsius
    • Bulbs were manufactured to produce exact color temperature. These quality bulbs will not fade or change color after a few months to a year like most HID bulbs.
    • 100% water proof, dust proof and shock proof.
  • We’re so passionate about our quality that we built a window to show we’re using a genuine 32 pin German
  • HyluxASIC chip. This is the most advanced technology in the HID industry. The transparency of the window eliminates any question of what’s truly inside, don’t settle for not knowing what’s inside.
  • Compared to OEM halogen filament bulbs, last up to 10 times longer, 3 - 5 times brighter resulting in greater visibility for a safer drive, and use 35% less power. This kit a safe35 wattsystem.
  • Inside of ballast uses 30%lesscomponents than other HID systems resulting inlessbreak downs
  • The outside of the ballast is uniquely designed to dissipate heat and provide a 100%water proof, shockproofanddust proof case.