Buddy Club Sport Spec Dampers 1990-1993 Acura Integra (DA)

Our Price: $1,080
Vendor: Buddy Club SKU: BC02-SSHDA


The Single Tube Design of the Buddy Club Sport Spec Damper allows for use of a larger piston than other designs, this allows for better handling and a smoother ride for your 1990-1993 Acura Integra (DA).

The inner pistons of the Buddy Club Sport Spec Dampers are precision machined to the tightest tolerances possible to prevent unnecessary noise and vibration.

Within normal operation range, simply use the spanner wrenches (provided in the damper kit) to adjust the lower bracket of the damper to your desired vehicle ride height, without sacrificing comfort or performance.

Inverted Designed Dampers for MacPherson Strut equipped cars allow for a larger piston and more fluid movement than conventional designed dampers adapted for MaPherson use.

All Sport Spec Dampers have 20 levels of damping and rebound adjustability.  By simply turning the knob on the damper, you can adjust the damping and rebound settings to accommodate your own driving style.

The Sport Spec's Teflon Coated Spring Seats reduce the noise from spring movement that is often an issue with many other makes of coilovers.

Sport Spec coilovers feature Top Hats with a Rubber Bushing Design.  The rubber bushing design was chosen over a pillowball setup in order to provide a smooth and quiet ride as possible without compromising performance.

Buddy Club Damper springs are manufactured to the highest standard, using High Tensile Steel from Japan.

All Sport Spec Damper parts have gone through the highest standard of Quality Control and Dyno Testing before leaving the factory.

Spring Rates (Front / Rear): 11 kg/mm / 7 kg/mm.
      1990-1993 Acura Integra (DA)