20x9.5 DUB S116 Baller / 6x139.7 / ET+30mm / Matte Black Double Dark Tint / Bore 78.10

Retail Price: $383.00 Our Price: $362.15
Vendor: DUB Wheels SKU: S116209577+30



We also offer wheel & tire packages. 

DUB Wheels has defined the custom wheel movement for over two decades, and we continue to push the envelope with the Baller S116.

Available in;

Sizes- 20x9.5, 22x9, 22x9.5, 22x10.5, 24x9, 24x10 (Shown), 26x9, 26x10, 28x10, 30x10
Color- Black Machined w/Dark Tint, Black & Double Dark Tint