HKS Hipermax IV SP 2017-2018 Honda Civic Type R (FK8) without Canceller

Retail Price: $2,480.00 Our Price: $2,200
Vendor: HKS SKU: 80250-AH003


The stock electronic control shock absorber makes FK8 all-rounder for a various driving conditions; however, for the sporty driving, especially in a circuit, excessive vehicle body roll and/or pitch and rear side’s instable vehicle body movement while braking may be a matter of concern.  This products lowers the vehicle height to with this product to lower its gravity center and reduce the instable vehicle body movement and body roll;  circuit driving will be enjoyed with higher reliability.  HKS original camber adjustable pillow upper is installed to the front side. The camber can be adjusted according to the tire size and/or driving conditions.  High rigidity single tube inverted type is utilized for the front side to support sufficiently its weight and large bending load that is caused during acceleration, deceleration, and/or turning. It delivers outstanding durability that was achieved through our continued efforts for improvement.  The rear damping force adjustment cable allows simple adjustment that is not required lifting the vehicle or removing the dampers. The straight springs also allow a better flexibility of setup.  With the stock wheel, the tire may come in contact with the damper around the handle lock point if the tread length is shorter than 42mm, or they may come in contact depending on the wheel rim width and/or offset setting.

Damping Force adjustment- Front & Rear 30 way
Upper mount- Front & Rear Spherical bearing
Spring rate N/mm(kgf/mm)- Front- 118 ( 12 ) / Rear- 98 ( 10 )

※The error message comes on when the stock suspension is removed. It can be canceled by installing an error canceller.
The product tests were conducted using YOKOHAMA ADVAN A052 tires. Recommended dial positions for circuit driving is 12 for the front and 10 for the rear side. It is recommended to use the engine oil cooler.

※ CEL comes on if the stock suspension is removed. CEL can be canceled by an error canceller that is available separately.