Kooks Stainless Steel Stepped Long Tube Headers 2015+ Dodge Challenger/Charger Hellcat

Retail Price: $1,789.19 Our Price: $1,610.27
Vendor: Kooks SKU: 31032500


The Kooks Stainless Steel Stepped Long Tube Headers create a more useable torque and power curve for street use. They are more suitable for applications where there are large rpm changes such as a gear shift in a manual transmission or sweeps through the rpm range on the track. It accomplishes this by taking advantage of two sets of pulse waves created by the two lengths of a single primary. The top step creates the first length which is tuned to a higher rpm. The total length of the tube, top and bottom steps, creates the second wave which is tuned to a lower rpm. Essentially, a stepped header creates more area under the curve (dyno graph) and offers up more useable power than a single diameter primary header. 


  • Improved exhaust flow, higher torque, and horsepower
  • Long tube header design
  • Free-flowing 1 7/8-inch mandrel-bent tubing
  • Stepped stainless steel construction
  • Durable natural finish
  • TIG-welded for strength
  • Bolt-on installation

Application: 2015+ Dodge Challenger/Charger Hellcat.  1-7/8in x 2in x 3in SS Long Tube Stepped Headers

Note-  Not CARB legal.