Kraftwerks Supercharger Kit 2016–2018 Yamaha YXZ1000R

Retail Price: $4,195.99 Our Price: $3,995
Vendor: Kraftwerks SKU: 150-19-1000


The KraftWerks 2016–2018 Yamaha YXZ supercharger system provides instant throttle response, and a progressive power curve that increases straight through to 10,500 rpm redline without the typical spiking or surging that is common with turbochargers. This bolt-on kit offers increased cylinder pressures and is unique to the Yamaha 3-cylinder engine as it delivers a more useable power curve, which helps decrease the overall strain on engine components, therefore, increasing reliability. The Rotrex traction drive supercharger used in the kit also operates much cooler when compared to turbochargers and other supercharger systems. This reduces the engine’s intake air temperature, and this cooler charge air aids in increasing power and lowering the risk of detonation. The heart of the system is the Rotrex C15-60, which is an extremely compact centrifugal supercharger explicitly designed for when space is one of the critical issues; however, it can still produce a very capable 220 horsepower and 150,000 rpm shaft speed.

Each YXZ supercharger system is a comprehensive design and includes all necessary components and brackets to ensure safe, reliable operation with ease of installation. Standard-issue with each kit is a large 22x7x3-inch intercooler to help ensure low intake air temperatures for optimal performance and all necessary aluminum tubing, silicone couplers, and clamps are included. Additionally, the stock fuel injectors are retained, adding to the ease of installation and reliability of the kit.

Rotrex superchargers are renowned for their compact size, high adiabatic efficiency, low vibration, and quiet operation. Their unique traction drive technology is what makes all of this possible, which, unlike other superchargers, transmits power through frictional forces between its rolling elements. Each Rotrex unit features a self-contained oiling system that remains independent of the engine. Its dual-action oil pump supplies traction fluid to the supercharger while the supplied cooler ensures proper fluid temperatures at all times.


  • Dyno-proven for 150 horsepower at the rear wheels
  • Rotrex C15-60 supercharger w/ 92.5mm pulley (5–5.5 psi)
  • High mount intercooler
  • Aluminum intercooler piping
  • Oil cooler for supercharger cooling
  • High-quality CNC-machined brackets and idler pulley included

Application: 2016–2018 Yamaha YXZ1000R