KW Coilover Kit Variant 4 2018 BMW M5 F90 (AWD)

Our Price: $5,789
Vendor: KW Suspension SKU: 3A7200CB



For more than 30 years, the BMW M5 has been fascinating people all over the world and is the new sixth generation of BMW's sportiest sedan. KW Suspensions, has developed the new Variant 4 coilover kit with independently adjustable three-way dampers for the M5 (F90). The coilover suspension, made of aluminum, has a ride height adjustment range of 10 to 30 millimeters on both axles. Thanks to the independent damper adjustments in the rebound forces as well as low-speed and high-speed compression, the pre-configured damping of the KW Variant 4 can be changed to a more comfort-oriented road setup or adjusted to sharpen performance.

Application: 2018 BMW M5