MOGO Floor Liners 2018–2019 Tesla Model 3 (Front & Rear)

Retail Price: $251.95 Our Price: $140.25
Vendor: Husky Liners SKU: 70458


Luxury Floor Liners: Adventure in style.

Mogo luxury floor liners offer stainless steel accents, and precision fit design that hoses clean in a snap. So go ahead and bring a bit of the sand and sea and snow into the pristine interior of your automobile— Mogo has you covered.

  • Precision Fit:  Perfectly match the contours of your auto.
  • FDuraGrip:  Both soft and strong, our rubberized DuraGrip material comfortably cradles your feet.
  • Containment:  Contains residue from your adventures, until you pull it out, hose off-good as new!
  • Stainless Accents:  Form plus functional design-and a reinforced stainless steel heel pad to boot.
  • Retention posts:  Mogo lock in place-no shifting around floor mats underfoot.
  • Made in the USA.
  • No Hassle Lifetime Guarantee


  • 2018–2019 Tesla Model 3