DBA 4000 Series Rear Drilled & Slotted Rotor 2015+ Ford Mustang GT (V8) w/o Brembo Calipers Rear

Retail Price: $176.46 Our Price: $138.65


Disc Brakes Australia is an Australian-owned manufacturer of high performance disc rotors - internationally recognized for it’s innovation and expertise in the brake industry. The company manufactures a range of rotors to industry-leading standards and certification (ISO 9001, QS 9000, TS 16949 and TUV). DBA’s attention to detail, commitment to braking technology, innovation, and customer focus makes the role of the retailer and technician easier. This also ensures ultimate performance, quality, and security to every road user. DBA’s enhanced performance products, which include the DBA Street, DBA 4000 Series, and race-proven DBA 5000 Series rotors, have created excitement among consumers and retailers internationally. DBA is the consumer’s best choice for high performance disc brake rotors. The company’s technical expertise provides solutions that deliver superior performance for severe duty and high energy applications. In addition to its acclaimed range of DBA standard replacement disc rotors, Disc Brakes Australia offers a unique range of enhanced disc rotors including the DBA Slotted and the award-winning DBA Gold rotors, which are both slotted and cross-drilled.


  • Custom built to directly replace your stock rotors
  • Carved with DBA's powerful tri-symmetrical slots for maximum braking strength, smoothness and quietness—a notch above track-approved DBA T2 rotors
  • Built-in Thermal Stability Profiling™ delivers superior high-heat stopping power
  • Thermo-graphic heat paint lets you quickly check your rotors' peak braking temperatures
  • Painted hub fights off rust and corrosion for greater longevity and better curb appeal

Application: 2015+ Ford Mustang GT V8