Kenny Fong founded Darkside Motoring Inc. in 1989 originally starting off as a tint shop. With Kenny doing all his own work he slowly worked his way up from building to building expanding each time and making a name for himself and his company along the way. Now some 20 years later, Darkside is a major player in the after-market automotive industry. Darkside has grown into having full time sales servicing both retail and wholesale clients, a full time website with online sales, and a successful apparel line that is very popular both locally and worldwide specially in the Japanese and overseas markets. With some big builds under Darkside over the years, we have become the go to guys for some of the big names in the automotive, entertainment and sports industries. In the last few years, we have been known for our work in the European and truck/SUV market.

At Darkside, we see the future of the automotive business growing even bigger then it already is. We strive to be on the forefront of the market. We are constantly reading, learning and understanding new ways and new ideas in order to stay ahead of not only the ever growing competition from both retail stores and internet based sales, but just to be up to date on what our customer(s) needs and wants are. We see ourselves working on some interesting and adventures projects and build’s making our name and reputation even bigger and wider spread then it already is.

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