Buddy Club LED Tail Lamps 2000-2003 Honda S2000

Our Price: $594
Vendor: Buddy Club SKU: 08-TLAP1-01


Buddy Club LED tail lights bundle the latest style and technology all in one affordable and attractive package for your 2000-2003 Honda S2000. 

U.S. DOT compliant, the Buddy Club LED Tail Lights feature a sequential blinker pattern that cascades from inside to out when using your turn indicator or hazard signals. 

With an effortless flick of a switch located on the backside of the tail light, the sequential feature can be turned off for a solid illuminated indicator. 

Key features of the Buddy Club Tail Lamps:
  • Buddy Club enlisted the help of a top lighting manufacturer to develop these unique full replacement tail lamps

  • Buddy Club tail lamps are built to the strictest requirements ensuring a high quality lamp that meets OE standards.

  • Buddy Club wanted to improve the appearance as well as the lighting output when designing these lamps.  These are very bright and highly visible. 

  • Buddy Club tail lamps are SAE & DOT approved.