H&R Raising Spring Kit 2012-2019 Land Rover Evoque

Retail Price: $449.00 Our Price: $295
Vendor: H&R SKU: 28882-1


H&R Raising Springs for the 2012-2019 Land Rover Evoque raise the front & rear +1.2 inches for more ground clearance and a commanding view of the road. The progressive spring rates retain stock ride comfort and tighten up when you need more control or add extra weight. The kit also includes rear brake portioning relocation bracket. These H&R Raising Springs are a must for these models and continue to be popular because they work absolutely marvelous!

Like all of H&R’s products, H&R Raising Springs are 100% made in Germany and use inductively tempered spring steel for unparalleled tensile strength and resiliency. H&R springs are pre set or “blocked” using an exclusive process that ensures the springs will never set or sag.