17x8.0 Avid.1 AV06 / 5x114.3 / ET+35

Retail Price: $207.00 Our Price: $182.25
Vendor: Avid.1 SKU: AV0617805H35BK


Matte Black
Matte Blue
Matte Bronze
Hyper Black
Matte White
Gloss Black


Each Avid.1 wheel is lightweight and offers excellent value in a one-piece low-pressure cast design. New offsets and aggressive widths are now available in select applications to address the demands of enthusiasts.

You can expect that each Avid.1 wheel is infused with its own attitude and purpose inspired from the latest street and track trends. We believe each person has a different approach in their vehicle’s personality and so we strive to produce the latest in tuning evolution.

Available in Matte Black, Matte Blue, Matte Bronze, Hyperblack, Matte White, Gloss Black


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