Alta Brushed Twin Tip Catback Exhaust 2017-2018 Honda Civic Type-R (FK8)

Retail Price: $1,777.00 Our Price: $1,599.30
Vendor: Alta SKU: PHP-EXT-305BR


The ALTA Catback Exhaust Non-Resonated for 10th Gen Civic Type R produces 15+ WHP and an aggressive tone without being overbearing for street use. Made from 304 stainless steel with a brushed finish, this system will look great and last the lifetime of the car, backed by a lifetime warranty.

True Catback Exhaust

The ALTA Catback Exhaust for 10th Gen Civic Type-R is a true catback exhaust. Many competitors catback exhausts do not mate directly to the catalytic converter, but rather, to an easier-to-reach flange located behind the subframe. The ALTA exhaust system replaces the entire exhaust after the catalytic converter for a true 3" catback.

Helmholtz Chamber

To combat the natural resonance the engine produces, the ALTA Catback Exhaust for 10th Gen Civic Type-R has a much needed Helmholtz Chamber. This unique and precision engineered feature is what sets our system apart from others, ensuring a sporty tone without the ear-bleeding resonance found on many systems for these cars.

Resonated vs. Non-Resonated

The ALTA Catback Exhaust for 10th Gen Civic Type R comes in two flavors: resonated and non-resonated. For a more refined and subdued, yes still sporty tone, street-worthy sound, the resonated version is for you. For a loud-and-out, throaty, and aggressive sound, the non-resonated version is more your style.

5.25" Slash Cut Tips

The ALTA Catback Exhaust for 10th Gen Civic Type-R ditches the tri-tip look of the OEM exhaust and goes with a larger twin-tip design to fill the bumper. The over-sized 5.25" slash cut exhaust tips add a purposeful race car look compared to the not-so-functional look of the tri-tip OEM exhaust.

High-flow muffler & Adjustability

The ALTA muffler in this system is a straight-through design with an internal “Y” for increased horsepower and a sporty tone.

The muffler mounting brackets are adjustable, when combined with the adjustability of the butt connectors along the rest of the system, allow you to position your muffler tips exactly the way you want.

304 Stainless Steel Tubing

ALTA exhaust systems are made entirely of 304 stainless steel. 304SS provides high corrosion resistance and is excellent for heat up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Other manufactures may use cheaper 409 stainless steel which will rust and corrode over time, but the added expense of 304 stainless steel is well worth it for the beautiful, long lasting high brushed finish and durability.


The ALTA Catback Exhaust for 10th Gen Civic Type-R uses unique and OEM-like connectors to join each tube together. OEM-type butt connectors are used and have both slip and twist adjustments to aid in aligning the exhaust exactly how you want. These OEM-type connectors do not require gaskets and are designed to be very easily removed and adjusted. The complete exhaust hangs from the bottom of the car with the factory rubber hangers.


This ALTA Exhaust System comes in a brushed stainless steel finish. The exhaust tips sport a more heat-resistant brushed finish compared to the rest of the exhaust system.