CSF Performance Oil Cooler 1965-1989 Porsche 911 / 930 Turbo

Our Price: $995
Vendor: CSF Radiators SKU: 8242


CSF Cooling has introduced its highly anticipated engine oil cooler for the 1965–1989 Porsche 911 and 930 Turbo. This oil cooler directly replaces the old and worn-out OEM unit, utilizing modern technology and CSF Cooling's years of experience and expertise to significantly upgrade the classic Porsches. The CSF Cooling units are, on average, 8% more efficient at dissipating heat and offer around 6–8% less pressure drop even before applying the Cerakote finish. The company has replicated all the features of the OEM unit for easy installation and a factory look, and comes with two optional fittings to work for both the early model 1965–1971 cars and the newer 1972–1989 cars.

CSF Cooling is a family-owned manufacturer of industry-leading cooling systems for over 250 different applications. The company prides itself on using the most advanced technologies, machines, and experienced personnel to produce the world’s best cooling systems. CSF Cooling manufactures high-performance all-aluminum direct-fit radiators, intercoolers, and oil coolers designed and engineered to maintain optimal engine temperatures, even under the most extreme driving conditions.


  • CNC machined mounting plate with helix design for strength and pocketed for lightweight
  • Modern Tube and fin core with lower pressure drop and higher heat dissipation than the original
  • Comes standard with modern Cerakote titanium finish
  • Stainless Steel Fittings for late model slip-on style (72-89) and early threaded style (65-71) with upgraded M30 “Widemouth” design for improved flow

Application: 1965-1989 Porsche 911 / 930 Turbo

CSF #8242 OEM Part Numbers:

  • Porsche: 911 107 041 02
  • Porsche: 901 107 041 03
    • Superseded:
      • Porsche: 901 107 041 02
      • Porsche: 901 107 041 50
      • Porsche: 901 107 041 BX
      • Porsche: 911 107 041 00