CSF Performance Triple-Pass Aluminum Radiator 2015+ Volkswagen Golf/GTI

Our Price: $599
Vendor: CSF Radiators SKU: 7084


CSF Performance has released its highly anticipated MQB cooling components. Finally, an aftermarket high-performance cooling solution now available to tackle the many overheating issues that have plagued this otherwise great track-worthy platform. The Ultimate MQB cooling system, exclusively by CSF Performance, is designed to keep engine water, as well as both transmission and engine oil temperatures in check and at optimal levels, even under the most demanding race conditions. By utilizing CSF Performance’s new suite of coolers in either a one-, two-, or three-piece configuration, it allows drivers the ability to unleash their car’s full potential for extended periods during racing conditions.


A high performance / race-grade, all-aluminum, triple-pass engine water radiator (CSF #7084)


Audi 8V A3 1.8TSi, Audi 8V S3, Audi 8S TT (2.0TSi), Volkswagen MK7 Golf GTi, Volkswagen MK7 Golf R, Seat 5F Leon Cupra, Skoda 5E Octavia vRS

DSG/Heat Exchanger

A high performance / race-grade, all-aluminum, quadruple-pass DSG transmission water-to-oil heat exchanger. This new component is multi-fit that can also be installed (with no modifications) as an upgraded auxiliary radiator for maximum cooling performance. (CSF #8132)


Audi 8X S1, Audi 8V S3, Audi 8S TT (2.0TSi), Volkswagen MK7 Golf R, 5F Leon Cupra.

Observations from logs:

  • Engine coolant temperature does not go above 100.5°C (212.9°F)

What we can say for sure:

  • Engine Oil Temperatures are reduced and maintained consistently during full load/rpm 
  • Engine coolant temperatures are maintained in the optimum range 
  • DSG oil temperatures rises and falls in line with the engine coolant temperature (well within ideal operating parameters)