K&N Blackhawk Short Ram Air Intake 2015-2016 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8

Retail Price: $635.00 Our Price: $399.99
Vendor: K&N SKU: 71-3535


The K&N 71-3535 cold air intake system replaces the restrictive factory air filter and air intake housing on 2015 and 2016 Ford Mustang GT models. It functions by both lowering restriction to air flow (by replacing the narrow factory system) as well as increasing the volume of oxygen fed into your Mustang's motor. The engine's ECU recognizes the increase in available oxygen and adjusts the amount of fuel the injectors squirt into each cylinder. More oxygen combined with more fuel make for a more powerful combustion inside the cylinder, raising both horsepower and torque.

But by how much? In dyno testing, an otherwise stock 2015 Mustang GT recorded a rear-wheel increase of an estimated 18.68 horsepower and 11.41 ft-lb of torque, the only difference between the two was the installation of a K&N 71-3535 intake system.

The K&N Blackhawk induction system is designed to be both efficient and stylish. All components are black, to maintain a premium appearance under the hood, including the K&N Dryflow air filter with heat shield. The attractive textured black powder-coated intake tube features an engraved K&N plate welded to the pipe so when you raise the hood on cruise night, everyone can see you bought the original and the best in high performance filtration.

Installation takes about 90 minutes, as the 71-3535 intake system is engineered to attach via the existing factory mounting points and the kit includes all required hardware. Nothing complicated or unique is required for installation - just tools commonly found in most tool boxes. The intake tube has all the appropriate connections for the factory mass airflow (MAF) sensor as well as the crankcase vent, idle bypass, and EVAP connection.

Estimated Horsepower gain- 18.68 HP @ 5216 RPM

CARB EO Number Not legal for sale or use in California