Tein EDFC5 Active Pro Controller Kit

Our Price: $835
Vendor: Tein SKU: EDK04-R6655


EDFC5 utilizes jerk-reactive adjustment feature, which is developed as a part of industry-academia collaboration with Prof. Dai Watanabe of Shibaura Institute of Technology, successfully combining both sharp handling and comfortable ride, to automatically provide most desirable driving behavior for all drivers. AI (learning function) helps to realize suitable driving feel, without sense of discomfort, for all sorts of situations. In addition, EDFC5 employs new approach to control motors to reduce operating sound, to maintain quietness like cars' original parts/components. Controller screen uses VA panel, as opposed to HTN panel that previous items use, for more beautiful and easy-to-read display.

  • Jerk-Reactive Adjustment
  • AI (Learning Function)
  • Quieter Motor Operating Sound
  • LCD Screen with Better Visibility
  • Finer 96-Level Adjustment Mode (Switchable; 16, 32, 64 or 96)

Through industry-academia collaboration with Prof. Watanabe of S.I.T., automatic control based on jerk (or jolt, surge, lurch) is made available.
By calculating jerk rate from changes in G-force detected, the system predicts how the vehicle will soon move and hence the adjustment can be made automatically at the very moment when the cornering, acceleration or deceleration starts. This makes it possible to strike a good balance between sharp handling and comfortable ride. Patent Pending No.2022-188410

For example, the damping force is adjusted to emphasize on ride comfort when running straight forward but that would make the vehicle slow to react when the steering is turned. With jerk-reactive adjustment, the damping force is adjusted immediately after starting to steer, to make it most suitable for the upcoming curve and to provide sharp handling. After that, adjusting the damping force back to comfort-oriented setting can provide smoother ride and handling, absorbing bumpiness while cornering.

Damping force is adjusted automatically, based on lateral (cornering) jerk value. The system can be programmed as desired to suppress overshooting while in transition for early convergence, to improve cornering performance and to provide comfortable ride.