19x9.0 / 19x10.5 Racing Hart RS-521 5x114.3 Machined Silver

Our Price: $2,500
Vendor: Racing Hart SKU: RHRS521942614


Racing Hart raises the standard with our multi piece modular designs.  The racing spirt lives in the Competition Purpose line of ultra weight saving wheels.  The super-sports cars exhibit radical Darwinism with the utmost in hight style, high profile, multi piece wheels.  Enjoy the racing spirt and technology on your sport machine as the Racing Hart.

LAST SET!!!!!!!!!

Size- 19x9.0
Bolt Pattern- 5x114.3
Offset- +26 high
Color- Machined Silver, Black Windows

Size- 19x10.5
Bolt Pattern- 5x114.3
Offset- +22
Color- Machined Silver, Black Windows

Priced for a set (4 wheels)

Valve Stems & Caps are included.