Anderson Composites OE Style Carbon Fiber Hood 2018 Dodge Demon / 2008-18 Dodge Challenger & Hellcat

Retail Price: $1,899.00 Our Price: $1,709.10
Vendor: Anderson Composites SKU: AC-HD18DGCHDM-OE



Anderson Composites has stepped up the game and now offers a carbon fiber OE hood for the 2018 Dodge Demon. This carbon fiber hood is an aftermarket replacement component that was molded from an original Demon hood to ensure proper fit and functionality. The aggressive, wide front hood scoop is dimensionally the same as the factory hood and allows air to enter the “Air Grabber” air box located in the engine compartment.

This Demon hood is offered in two versions: VIP and dry carbon fiber. The vacuum infused process (VIP) hood is made of high quality 3k, 2x2 carbon fiber twill fabric and high-grade marine resin with UV inhibitors for an excellent fabric-to-resin ratio. These hoods are durable and have a high-luster show quality finish. The VIP carbon fiber hood weighs approximately 27.5 lbs.

The dry carbon fiber hood is made by a different process utilizing pre-impregnated carbon fiber fabric and an autoclave. The material is coated with an appropriate amount of resin which optimizes its strength and limits the amount of resin which reduces the overall weight. The fabric is laid into a mold, vacuum sealed, and placed in an autoclave to cure at a high temperature and extreme pressure. The result is a rigid, lightweight hood with a matte finish. The dry carbon fiber Demon hood weighs approximately 20 lbs. These hoods will fit 2008-2014 Dodge Challengers with minor windshield washer modifications and also the 2015-2018 Challengers and Hellcats. Both carbon fiber hoods weigh less than the 30-pound factory unit.


  • Available in VIP carbon fiber or dry carbon fiber
  • Fully-functional front inlet directs air to factory Demon air box
  • VIP carbon hood weighs 27.5 lbs less and dry carbon version weighs 20 lbs. less than the factory hood
  • Mounts to factory hinges with OE hardware for ease of installation
  • Made of high quality 3k, 2x2 carbon fiber fabric and marine-grade resin with UV inhibitors

Applications: 2018 Dodge Demon, 2008-18 Dodge Challenger and Hellcat