ARB Safari Snorkel 2003–2009 Toyota 4Runner

Our Price: $579
Vendor: ARB SKU: SS445HF



Whether you’re fording deep water or crossing a dusty stretch of the desert, protecting your engine’s intake system is critical. The easiest and most straightforward way to do so is to install a Safari Snorkel system. The Safari Snorkel raises your intake to the top of the A-pillar providing the engine with cooler and cleaner air.

Utilizing Safari’s traditional design concepts and incorporating the very latest in scanning and CAD design software, Safari’s VSPEC Snorkels are ready to perform in the most extreme environments. Designed and manufactured in Australia, each snorkel is flow-bench tested to ensure the airflow meets or exceeds factory standards. The Safari Snorkel offers the best air intake protection and performance for the V6 and V8 2003-09 Toyota 4Runners.

Application: 2003-09 Toyota 4Runner (V6 and V8)