Blox Racing 70mm Billet Throttle Body Honda K-Series Applications

Retail Price: $320.00 Our Price: $256
Vendor: Blox SKU: BXIM-00217-SI



BLOX Racing’s popular Honda K-series throttle bodies’ design has been updated. Now, these billet units feature a dual-pattern bolt design that fits the PRB/PRC and RBC/RRC intake manifolds. Now, the typical RBC throttle body adapter is no longer necessary!

Each throttle body is CNC-machined from billet aluminum and includes a new throttle bracket. Precision machined butterfly plates ensure proper and consistent opening and closing. New throttle springs provide crisp response each time the engine is revved. Units are anodized to resist corrosion and are available in black and silver.

The IACV can be used or blocked off for full race applications with the supplied port plug. Throttle bodies include hardware and a new gasket. All factory sensors can be reused without any modifications.


  • Dual bolt pattern to fit PRB/PRC and RBC/RRC intake manifolds
  • Provisions for TPS and IACV
  • Throttle bracket included
  • Includes hardware, fitting, port plug and gasket