Broadway Mirrors Flabeg Blue 270mm Convex

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Vendor: Napolex SKU: BW-175


Blue Coating mirrors cut down on glare immensely, while preserving most of the light entering the reflective surface.  A similar coating if often found on the mirrors of many German vehicles.  The mirror achieves the same glare-reduction of the Chrome and the brightness of the Aluminum through the use of the specially tinted glass surface.


●UV cut Germany made blue glass (rear surface coating)
●Reduces glare and cuts harmful ultraviolet ray by special coated blue glass by FLABEG, Germany
●Anti-scattering glass safety protection
●Easy installation
1.Using rubber that fits the mirror frame and grips strongly
2.Thinnest center body of the mirror improved the fit feeling
●Covers wider views than existing room mirror and reduces blind spots for safety drive
●Curvature : 1500mmR