Broadway Mirrors Chrome Wide 300mm Convex

Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price: $39.95
Vendor: Napolex SKU: BW-767


Chrome Coating mirrors have more tint on them when compared to most OEM mirrors, and other Broadway offerings.  The increased tint on the mirror allows the reflective element to cut down on glare from the sun and headlights shining in the mirror.  This is helpful for vehicles which are lowered and frequently experience glare from headlights in the rear view mirror.

●Less glaring front surface coated chrome glass
●Low distortion, high precision chrome glass cutting glare by half in comparison with regular aluminum glass
●Anti-scattering glass safety protection
●Easy installation
1.Using rubber that fits the mirror frame and grips strongly
2.Thinnest center body of the mirror improved the fit feeling
●Covers wider views than a existing room mirror to reduce blind spots for safety drive