Clutch Masters Dampened Lightweight Steel Flywheel 2010–2016 Audi S4/S5

Retail Price: $1,803.85 Our Price: $1,623.46
Vendor: Clutch Masters SKU: FW-060AM-DSF-16


An Audi DSG upgraded flywheel has been a project Clutch Masters has been working on for a while and Clutch Masters is happy to announce it is now available. Clutch Masters set out to design a comprehensive replacement for the factory dual-mass flywheel found in the Audi B8-B8.5 S4, S5, RS5, and C7-C7.5 S6 and S7 chassis’. Incorporating experience developing flywheels over the years, Clutch Masters has come up with a solution for the Audi DSG that allows users to maintain the comfort factor achieved by having a dampened hub but also incorporating the benefits found in using a lightened flywheel. For comparison, the OEM dual-mass flywheel is a 24lb chunk of cast iron versus Clutch Masters flywheel that weighs in at 16lbs for the street/strip version. A 13lb version and extra light 10lb version will also be available upon request. Unlike the typical approach of manufacturing a dual mass flywheel which consists of overly complicated springs, bearings, and rubber bushings, Clutch Masters's approach is straightforward and simple. Clutch Masters uses heavy-duty springs found in their high-performance clutch discs that have been proven to take a beating while also maintaining reliability. In addition to the dampened flywheel, Clutch Masters has also developed a replacement billet steel flexplate to round out the package. Factory stamped steel flexplates are prone to cracking over time under high heat and stress. This issue may be few and far between, but start adding more power to the mix and the chances of a cracked flexplate become greater.


  • Heavy-duty springs to ensure longevity and reliability
  • Weight saving of 8lbs compared to OEM dual-mass flywheel
  • Dampened Flywheel
  • Tasteful balance of comfort and performance

Application: 2010–2016 Audi S4/2008–2016 Audi S5/ 2011–2015 Audi RS5/ 2012–2018 Audi S6/ 2012–2017 Audi S7