Clutch Masters FX350 Clutch Kit 2015–2017 Subaru WRX

Retail Price: $656.25 Our Price: $590.63
Vendor: Clutch Masters SKU: 15020-HDFF


With the 2015–2017 Subaru WRX, a quality transfer of power from the engine through the drivetrain cannot be overlooked. Clutch Masters has the perfect street/track solution in their FX350 Clutch Kit. The FX350 System uses the Power Plus I, Hi-Levarage, Heavy-Duty Pressure Plate utilizing their Fiber-Tough friction material. This clutch has a slightly increased holding capacity then the FX300 but will have a slightly more aggressive engagement and will produce some chatter. The FX350 kit is designed for the serious street enthusiast who also might spend a weekend at the track and is running a medium-boost turbo setup, or up to 100hp NO2. For years enthusiasts have had to compromise durability for longevity for drivability and vice versa, however with Clutch Masters' Fiber-Tough material they have closed the gap between these two tradeoffs.


  • Heavy-Duty Segmented Fiber-Tough Disc
  • Steel Backed Segmented Fiber-Tough Friction Material
  • Heavy-Duty Sprung Hub
  • Marcel Spring Wafer

Application: 2015–2017 Subaru WRX