CSF Twin Intercooler Set 2013-2019 Porsche 911 Turbo (991)/Turbo S (991.1/991.2)

Our Price: $2,995
Vendor: CSF Radiators SKU: 8112


CSF Cooling is proud to announce the official public release of its Porsche 991 Turbo & Turbo S high performance intercoolers for both 991.1 & 991.2 models. Since the intercoolers made their official world debut at the 2017 SEMA show, a unique sales decision was made to only release these intercoolers (for a period of 1 year) to a select group of the world’s most highly regarded Porsche motorsport ECU tuners and vehicle builders. Over the past year, CSF’s Porsche 991 Turbo intercoolers have been race-tested, logged, and fully validated by some of the world’s best Porsche tuners. These intercoolers have been regarded as the “Go-To” option for the best performance and value available in the performance aftermarket.

3-minute heat-soak test resulted in:

  • Data logs proving that the CSF Porsche 991 Turbo intercoolers keep IAT’s consistently 25 – 40°F degrees less than the OEM Porsche intercoolers.
  • IAT’s of the CSF Porsche 991 Turbo intercoolers start at ~98°F (~37°C). For the first ~30 seconds, IAT’s are actually reduced by ~10°F before increasing to no more than ~15°F before again reducing to a steady and consistent ~103°F (~39°C)for the remainder of the test (only 5°F delta from start). 
  • IAT’s of the OEM Porsche intercooler start at ~105°F (~40.5°C). Immediately IAT’s start to increase, and after only ~30 seconds, IAT’s have already increased by 20°F. IAT’s increase towards a 30°F delta when the technician decides to abort the OEM testing at only ~75 seconds into the test due to high IAT’s reaching levels of decreased vehicle performance.

Dyno Testing analysis:

CSF’s wind-tunnel optimized 4.5 inch (115mm) width bar/plate core, is a significant improvement over the OEM designed 3.14 inch (80mm) tube/fin core. Furthermore, CSF’s exclusive thermal dispersion heat transfer coating is able to reject heat ~35% more efficiently than the raw/uncoated aluminum core of the OEM intercooler. The coating is applied in California, USA by an aerospace coating company who also supplies coatings for Boeing. This unique coating is a key feature to achieving world-record performance, exclusively available from CSF.


  • Fits both 991.1 & 991.2 Turbo/Turbos S vehicles. (2013-2019)
  • 3D Scanned, CAD Designed and 3D-printed prototype; Tested in collaboration with automotive engineering firm RK Autowerks. Providing the absolute best fitting Porsche 991 Turbo intercoolers available in the aftermarket.
  • CFD tested (Computational Fluid Dynamics) cast end tanks with several post machining processes for the absolute best tolerance specifications and maximum airflow distribution throughout the core.
  • All OEM mounting points are retained with the OEM clip-in hardware design. Utilizing factory hardware, for an OEM-level installation. (CSF Exclusive)
  • OEM style “Quick-Connect” machined fittings for precise fitment, lock and seal.
  • Finished with an aerospace grade, nano-particle, heat dispersion coating that dissipates heat ~35% better than uncoated raw aluminum. (~ $500.00 value)
  • “Drop-in fitment”, no modifications or grinding to metal brackets, etc.
  • (Requires slight trimming to the plastic intercooler shrouds – instructions included and available for download at www.CSFrace.com)
  • Individually leak / pressure tested to 120 PSI
  • Individually inspected for quality control

Application: 2013-2019 Porsche 911 Turbo (991)/Turbo S (991.1/991.2)