Function & Form Type 2 Coilover 1993-2005 Mazda RX-7

Our Price: $787.50
Vendor: Function & Form SKU: F2-FD3ST2


The TYPE 2 coilover is our adjustable dampening system for the 1993-2005 Mazda RX-7. More aggressive than the TYPE 1, we aimed to make it the ultimate street inspired coilover. Our philosophy was a coilover designed for street durability, comfort, and style but can endure the occasional track days. (Especially with recommended, FPS springs upgrade). A lot of our customers dream of hitting the track but the reality is they want to enjoy their pride and joy on the streets as well. A dedicated track car is not a choice for many but that’s ok. We designed a suspension that can let you enjoy the streets or an occasional fling on the track. You pick. In achieving this, we wanted to make a stronger product to endure the imperfections of the real world. Steel materials have been used for the lower mounts to give the shocks OEM durability. Spring rates are slightly more aggressive than a TYPE 1, to handle occasional track duties and spirited street driving (although we always suggest safe and smart driving on public roads). Yet this did not sacrifice ride quality. Monotube shocks are used allowing for more piston surface area, and heat dissipation. Our goal is to offer you a suspension that can handle the wear and tear of daily driving duties. With the TYPE 2’s 32 levels of dampening adjustment, you can dial in ride and handling characteristics for the street or the track, giving you ultimate versatility.

  • 32 levels of dampening.
  • Dampening adjustments made with a knob that “clicks” at each level.
  • Steel lower mounts for maximum strength.
  • Adjustable Camber Plates *when applicable.
  • Top mounts included *when applicable.
  • Ride height adjustable seperate of pre-load.
  • Special oil lubrication to withstand conditions from -40 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius.
  • Dual tube shock design for maximum ride comfort.
  • Double wishbone piston size 43mm.
  • McPherson strut piston size 50mm.