Go Fast Bits Hybrid TMS Dual Port Blow-Off Valve 1997–2006 Volkswagen Golf GTI (1.8T)

Retail Price: $235.45 Our Price: $211.91
Vendor: Go Fast Bits SKU: T9225


Go Fast Bits have been determined to push the limits of high-performance engines, which has inspired some of the best-engineered aftermarket components available for your vehicle. The two venting ports of this revolutionary hybrid valve were staged on the body such that the recirculating port opened before the atmospheric port, helping to prevent backfiring and stalling on cars with a MAF sensor, whilst still giving the signature blow-off sound when the car is driven harder.


  • Adjustable venting
  • Achieve a blow-off valve sound without triggering a check engine light or other problems, such as running rich or stalling

Application: 1997–2006 Volkswagen Golf GTI