H&R Sport Springs 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio (w/o Active Dampening)

Retail Price: $439.00 Our Price: $329
Vendor: H&R SKU: 28697-2


Italian styling comes to crossovers. The good-looking Alfa Romeo Stelvio is the result of talented Italian designers and is further enhanced with H&R Sport Springs. H&R ride development engineers designed a sport spring set for reduced fender well gap and refined handling. H&R Sport Springs are a perfect addition to this awesome crossover vehicle. 
H&R Sport Springs (part #: 28697-2) for the Stelvio and Stelvio Ti lower approximately 1.2” front and rear. Lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity improves handling and creates a sleek European look – Bellissimo!
Like all of H&R’s products, H&R Sport Springs are 100% made in Germany and use only the finest quality materials and precision manufacturing techniques to maximize service life, for miles of smiles. H&R Sport Springs come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Note- w/o Active Dampening

Lowers vehicle approximately front 1.2" front & 1.2" rear.