HKS Legamax Premium 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type-R (FK8)

Retail Price: $1,450.00 Our Price: $1,279
Vendor: HKS SKU: 31021-BH003


Increase the performance and tone of the vehicle by upgrading to a high performance muffler. Improving the vehicles exhaust flow will rid the engine of back pressure, which will increase power and performance. High performance mufflers will not only increase power but will also provide a high performance aggressive sound to the vehicle. HKS has long stood at the forefront of performance products. Their high quality performance products are made in Japan and are a favorite among custom tuners. HKS has improved upon their flagship design of the Legamax Series with the Legamax Premium. The Legamax Premium comes with the trusted Legamax muffler and a vehicle specific tip design. The fully custom tip design provides a flush appearance that is distinct for each vehicle model.

Low exhaust pressure design with full straight structure!
By adopting  75 large diameter pipe and full throttle-less straight structure, low back pressure of 50% genuine ratio is realized.
Eliminate unpleasant muffled sound with sound tuning
While leaving a sporty sound, there is no unpleasant muffled sound inside the car, and a comfortable space is reconciled.

Intermediate Pipe Diameter- 75-60x2
Proximity exhaust sound-  Stock 82 / HKS 91


  • Made with premium SUS304 stainless steel
  • Each muffler provides a high shine that doesn't fade or rust
  • Specific tip design creates a high performance look while maintaining a flush factory OEM fitment

Application: 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type-R (FK8)

1: About silent high power shell type
Type is with an emphasis on quietness TYPE-S / Oval shell.
Is the TYPE-H / type with an emphasis on sport with a true circular shell.

2: Main materials in the composition chart

: SUS 304 / high quality stainless steel material.
: SUH 409 / stainless steel material that is also used extensively.

3: About intermediate pipe
The number  of intermediate pipe diameter in the muffler is the number of Φ of the thickest part on the configuration (except for the shell and tail outer diameter).

4: When installing HKS muffler, the part with the smallest clearance between the HKS muffler (all parts included in the kit) and the road surface is described. Therefore, it may be different from the minimum ground clearance of the vehicle itself.
Although data is described basically for things of normal suspension vehicles, please understand beforehand that there is also data when using with some lowdown springs and car harmonic kits.

Note: For the hook bracket stays are subject to change without notice.