HKS Racing Suction Kit 2017+ Honda Civic Type R (FK8)

Our Price: $570
Vendor: HKS SKU: 70020-AH110



HKS Racing Suction Kits have been developed as the leading intake system for high performance applications. Each kit features aluminum suction pipes that have been tested for optimal air flow. Included in each kit is HKS' filter with its patented Super-Funnel and new technical advances.


  • Aluminum piping replaces stock flexible hose and drastically improves intake efficiency
  • Gives vehicle a distinctive sporty intake sound
  • Vehicle specific heat shield helps to deflect hot air coming from the engine
  • AFR (Air/Fuel ratio regulator) corrects sensor readings and prevents CEL
  • Please note that a kit without AFR requires ECU calibration

Application: 2017+ Honda Civic Type R