Injen Oiled Air Filter 8.5x5.63in Oval ID / 9.92x7.17in Base / 5.7in HT / 6.865ix4.115in Top

Our Price: $86.95
Vendor: Injen SKU: X-1126-BR


With a rich history in racing and the street performance, Injen Technology has proven itself as a leader in filtration engineering and technology. Lab tested and race proven, Injen?s air filter line features state of the art designs and performance. All of Injen?s 8-layer cotton gauze oiled air filters feature a tightly layered media that is specified for our use, along with a proprietary filter oil that includes highly advanced tackifiers to stop as much dirt and contaminants as possible. This allows our 8-layer oiled cotton gauze air filters to flow the maximum amount of air, all while protecting your valuable engine from harmful dirt and debris. 100% cleanable with the use of our Pro Tech air filter cleaning kit ? part number X-1030. Order yours today!