Koyorad Aluminum Radiator 1989-1992 Toyota Cressida Manual Transmission

Retail Price: $428.40 Our Price: $357
Vendor: Koyo SKU: VH010195N


Koyorad is proud to introduce an all-aluminum performance radiator for the 1989-1992 Toyota Cressida 3.0L I6 with Manual Transmission.  This radiator features Koyorad's NFLO triple pass technology which directs coolant in three directions through the radiator, ensuring the entire core is utilized for improved efficiency over an OEM single pass radiator configuration.  The core thickness has been increased to 36mm, a 44% increase over the OEM unit and utilizes Koyorad’s high density tubes and fins to boost the vehicle’s heat capacity and endurance under extreme use.  The use of factory fans,  AC condenser, OEM coolant hoses and OEM mounting provisions are retained requiring no modifications.  Koyorad’s advanced engineering and design methods, impeccable TIG welds, proficiency in furnace brazing, and triple pressure testing for quality has earned their excellent reputation in performance cooling worldwide.


  • NFLO Triple Pass Technology
  • 36mm High Density Hyper Core
  • All aluminum construction
  • TIG Welded and furnace brazed construction
  • Billet aluminum filler neck and drain plug
  • Compatible with OEM fans, hoses and mounting provisions
  • Triple pressure tested during manufacturing process


89-92 Toyota Cressida 3.0L I6 MT


Manual Transmission only (Transmission cooler not included)