NM Eng. Boost Sensor Tap • F-Chassis

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Vendor: NM Engineering SKU: NM.498846


OBDII gauge systems such as ScanGauge, P3, and PLX devices allow you to display sensor readings that the ECU receives, including boost. Generally, such readings are slightly off in timing and accuracy. Furthermore, if you have a piggyback power module system such as Burger Tuning's JB+, this type of upgrade alters the signal that the MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor produces to induce ECU adaptation for more power increase. This system works, but at the same time, it skews the OBDII boost display.

So how do you obtain a reliable boost reading? We have a solution!

The NM Engineering Boost Tap plugs directly into the intake manifold where the factory Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor is located. Installing this adapter is an easy, reliable, and accurate way to tap into the 2.0T and 1.5T engine (S and non-S) boost source for installing your boost gauge or aftermarket diverter valve.

  • Machined DELRIN®
  • Black Hard Anodized
  • Brass Fitting
  • Mounting screw with matching OEM thread pitch - others will strip the plastic thread

Just like the R5(X) N18 engines, the B38/46/48 also does not produce a vacuum reading at the manifold.