Perrin Cold Air Intake 2017+ BRZ/86 (Manual Only)

Retail Price: $350.00 Our Price: $315
Vendor: Perrin Performance SKU: PSP-INT-330BK-1



Perrin FR-S/BRZ intake system places the air filter behind the front bumper, away from the hot exhaust manifold and radiator to constantly draw cool fresh air.  Many competitors leave their air filters under the hood, ingesting warmer air which causes a loss in horsepower.

CARB Approved

California and several other states have adopted and emission standard for the regulation of road vehicles created by the California Air Resource Barod (CARB).  This standard must be met and approved for a system to become CARB certified.  When a system becomes approved by meeting the criteria laid out by CARB, it receives a unique identifier known as an EO number and is certified for legal road use.

EO Number: D-735-1

The first most important reason to buy an intake is to add more power to your car.  The PERRIN Cold Air Intake system went through many test versions before we settled on the current shape and form which simply made more horsepower and caused no Check Engine Lights, or other drivability issues.

During normal, partial throttle driving, the PERRIN intake sounds relatively stock, but under load it really comes to life adding a throaty, deep growl, demanding attention and alerting people that your car is undeniably modified.

PERRIN Intake filter elements use open cell foam to capture dust and dirt.  Washable and reusable, PERRIN Foam Filter elements extend the life of your vehicle.  Foam filter elements offer superior performance with minimal airflow restriction and amazing dust holding capacity.