ReadyLift 2" SST Lift Kit 2019-2023 Subaru Forester

Our Price: $279.95
Vendor: Ready Lift SKU: 69-99210


  • ReadyLIFT offers a great lift solution for the 2019-2023 Subaru Forester. The Subaru Forester is a legendary choice with adventure enthusiasts. Using the same lift technology developed for the CrossTrek and Outback, our engineers have recently completed a brand new lift solution that will raise the Subaru Forester 2" for a taller stance that increases ground clearance and allows for larger tires. ReadyLIFT proudly introduces new CUV SST Kits with upgraded sway bar end-links eliminating relocation bracket flex and compliance associated with the original OE sway bar mounting system. The all-new upgraded drop links are engineered for precise fitment, increase sway bar effectiveness, and maintain suspension geometry and ride & handling performance.

    Using our time-tested lift engineering technology from our award-winning, best-selling truck and Jeep lift kits, our engineers developed the 69-99210 SST Lift Kit for the new Forester vehicles to provide 2" of front lift and 1.5" of rear lift for trouble-free Subaru adventures. This lift combination creates an exceptionally improved stance that, when combined with a P225 tire, results in a substantial increase of ground clearance at the rockers.

    Learn why you don't need cradle drop spacers on current-generation Subaru vehicles.

    This kit is completely bolt-on and requires no modifications, installs in half the time of other kits, and retains the factory camber/caster for ideal alignment courtesy of our unique offset spacer design.

    This new Subaru Forester SST Lift Kit maintains the factory ride while accommodating up to a brawny 225/65-17 tire on a 17x8 wheel with +38 mm offset. May require minor trimming depending on tire brand and tread design.

    69-99210 is specifically engineered for the All-New 2019-2023 Subaru Forester

    Offset-designed fabricated heavy-duty steel plate top mount strut extensions maintain factory alignment geometry

    Easy bolt-on installation - no need to cradle drop - no permanent modifications

    Delivers increased ground clearance when using a 225 series tire

    Allows for up to a 225/65-17 tire on 17x8 wheel with +38 mm offset.

    Made in USA.

    2019-2023 Subaru Forester 2" Lift Kit

    2.0" Front/ 1.5" Rear

    Easy bolt-on installation

    Offset spacer design for correct caster/camber.

    Allows for 225/65-17 with no rub 


    Upgraded sway bar end-links 

    Generates 11" of ground clearance at the rockers.

    NOTE:  Not compatible with factory lift including Subaru Outback Wilderness edition.

  • 225/65-17 tire on 17x8 wheel with +38 mm offset.

    Tire Size Note: ReadyLIFT wheel and tire fitment recommendations are typically based on Wheel Pros wheels and Nitto tires. Due to product differences among tire manufacturers, tire specifications and dimensions including, but limited to, overall diameter, rolling diameter, tread width, aspect ratio, lug pattern, sidewall construction and inflation pressure, will vary meaningfully by tire and wheel manufacturer. Every tire and wheel combination should be test fit prior to installation. Consult your local installer to learn more about the right tire fitment for your application.

    Ride Quality Note: When lifting a vehicle and installing aftermarket wheels and tires, a tire manufacturer's construction and material quality can alter vehicle ride quality. When increasing a vehicle wheel and tire size, most larger aftermarket truck and SUV tires are 10-ply (or more) E tires compared to typical OEM 6-ply C tires. This more rigid sidewall construction increases the perception of suspension stiffness often described as ride harshness. The ride, handling, traction, noise, fuel economy, and wear differences between All-Season, All-Terrain, Mud-Terrain, or Trail-Terrain type tires can be significant. Please take into account tire and wheel choice will generally have a meaningful impact on the ride & handling experience.