Revel TSD Coilover 2016-2018 Honda HR-V FWD

Retail Price: $1,169.00 Our Price: $993.65
Vendor: Revel Touring SKU: 1TR3CDHN007


The 32 way adjustable Revel Touring Sports Damper is the ideal solution for the most comfortable ride in a coilover kit for your 2016-2018 Honda HR-V FWD while achieving an extremely low ride height and utilizing the perfect balance of dampening forces and spring rates to deliver smooth performance when it is needed.

Spring Rate Front: 5.5K

Spring Rate Rear: 2.8K


- Pillowball upper mounts give the driver greater driving feedback when compared to OEM rubber upper mounts. A spherical bearing is used in place of a rubber bushing and an adjustable camber plate is utilized on certain applications which aid in achieving improved tire traction and alignment.

*Pillow ball upper mounts included on certain applications.

- Teflon thrust washers reduce friction during steering movement and eliminates spring binding and movement. Also eliminating unwanted noise and maintaining proper adjustment of the height adjustment.

*Teflon thrust washers included only on MacPherson type strut.

- Spring rates are perfectly balanced between comfort and sport like feel for optimum ride quality. Full length thread body with independant preload allows for max lowering.

- Larger piston valves and oil capacity allows for a faster reacting dampening force and efficiency through all temperature ranges. High strength and rigidity brackets ensure the driver has the utmost confidence for all driving types.

Application: 2016-2018 Honda HR-V FWD