Tein Flex-Z Coilover Kit 2017+ Honda Civic 4dr/2dr non-Si (FC1/FC2/FC3/FC4)

Retail Price: $1,510.00 Our Price: $1,434.50
Vendor: Tein SKU: VSHL6-CUAS4


Flex Z inherits all the features and quality of Street Flex but the adoption of a new platform allows its price to be set at amazingly low range for your 2017+ Honda Civic 4dr/2dr non-Si (FC1/FC2/FC3/FC4).  Flex Z, of course, maintains the long-favored "Made in Yokohama" quality.  Ride height adjustable shock absorber, fully loaded with Tein's comprehensive technology, is now more affordable prices than ever.

IMPORTANT: VSAA6-CUAS4 front strut lower mount designed for upright stem insert inside diameter (ID) 52mm.  Please verify Civic model before purchasing.

Civic Si 4dr/2dr (FC1/FC3): IN 54mm: VSHH6-CUAS4
Civic 4dr/2dr non-Si (FC1/FC2/FC3/FC4): ID 51mm: VSHL6-CUAS4 (with error canceller)
Civic 5dr Hatchback (FK7): ID 52mm: VSAA6-CUAS4


Full length ride height adjustment feature

Twin tube structure

Damping force adjustment system

Complete kit with upper mount

Ride height adjustment with little or no change in ride quality

For low resiliency & securing sufficient stroke

16-level linear damping force adjustment system

Exclusively designed upper mounts are included (except some models)

Complete suspension kit of 4 shock absorbers & 4 springs

EDFC Compatible. Sold Separately.

Note- Coilover image may not be for your specific vehicle.