Tein RX1 Coilover 2017-2024 Honda Civic Type R

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Hydraulic Bump Stopper (H.B.S)
Camber Adjustable Lower Bracket
Full-Length Adjustable
Damping Force Adjustable
Mounts Included
Replacement Service
EDFC Compatible
Durable & Reliable

Hydraulic Bump Stopper (H.B.S)-

Riding a third-row seat.....  It's so bumpy!
The solution:
Hydraulic Bump Stopper (H.B.S)!

Standard Shock Absorbers with Bump Rubber, Upward jolts & rebound occur.  Upward jolting and repeated bouncing, driving over a bump.  It takes a while to stabilize.  Shock Absorbers with H.B.S, such as RX1 absorbs smoothly!  The impact is absorbed; no bouncing & rapid stabilization.  Even in a fully seated & loaded minivan, jolts from the rough road are reduced.  Ride comfort can be enjoyed in all seats!

In regular shock absorbers, bump rubber is vital to avoid damage from bottoming out. Unfortunately it causes instability, because when a large impact compresses it, energy thus amassed is released upwards.

RX1 however uses the Hydraulic Bump Stopper to convert the impact to thermal energy and absorb it. This strongly reduces the shock, and there's no repulsion force.

The Hydraulic Bump Stopper (H.B.S) Mechanism-

In shock absorbers with inactive or no H.B.S., the operative valve (green) floats, and oil flows freely through the base valve ports. Resistance to the flow from the shim stack then, causes damping force.

Near full compression, when the piston rod strokes beyond a predetermined point, the operative valve is pushed down and activates H.B.S.: the base valve ports are narrowed, blocking the oil flow. This results in high damping force.

A relief valve serves to suppress sudden damping force increase, when the pressure in the cylinder exceeds its regular level.

The setup of the H.B.S. mechanism is optimized per vehicle model, with the right activation point and damping force.

Camber Adjustable Lower Bracket

Lower brackets on strut type suspensions come with camber angle adjustment feature. Camber angle can be adjusted by rotating the eccentric washer 180°. This feature can enable camber angle adjustment, even if it can not be adjusted with the upper mounts.

*Except some models (e.g. strut with inset type brackets)

Full-Length Ride Height Adjustment-

Advantage: adjusting ride height has little effect on ride quality.

In addition to combining a low down style with ride comfort, this system offers more setup options for sport driving too.

Twin-Tube System-

Compared to the regular mono-tube system, twin-tube attains longer strokes with a smaller repulsive force, resulting in high ride comfort.

Roads may have all sorts of surface conditions. This calls for shock absorbers with ample stroke, that operate smoothly.

Thanks to flexible strokes, you can negotiate gaps and bumps steadily on rough roads, meaning a smooth ride at low speed and stability at high speed.

Damping Force Adjustment-

RX1 features 16-level damping force adjustment, for simultaneous adjustment of compression and rebound.  Modify ride comfort and handling according to your preference, changing the properties of the shock absorber with the adjustment dial.

Mount Included-

An easy-to-install mount, exclusively designed for each vehicle model, is included in the product kit.

We have devised a suitable mount for each vehicle type.
Pillow ball upper mounts for front strut suspensions feature camber adjustment.*

Replacement Service-

For this product we offer not overhaul, but a replacement service.

Our replacement service revives your shock absorber, by replacing the main part. It allows you to buy the shock absorber itself without the exterior parts like the upper mount, lower bracket, spring, etc.

Damping Force Modification

This entails changing damping force to suit your driving conditions or preferences, by re-arranging the shock absorbers' internal components.

Stroke Modification

This entails changing the stroking distance to suit your driving conditions or preferences, by e.g. replacing or modifying the shock absorbers' internal components.

Compatible with EDFC Series (optional)

The EDFC Series offer easy damping force adjustment from the driver's seat.*
* Some vehicle models are not compatible

2017-2024 Honda Civic Type R