Whiteline Rear Suspension Stabilizer Arm 2015+ Ford Mustang S550 GT/Shelby

Retail Price: $219.00 Our Price: $197.10
Vendor: Whiteline SKU: KTA229


These Whiteline vertical links are designed from high-performance 6061-T6 forged aviation-grade aluminum. The design is built with a robust I-beam design, which completely eliminates all the undesirable effects caused by the high compliant rubber bushings in the OEM low-cost, pressed-steel design linkage. Utilizing a CNC precision-machined forging gives you the peace of mind that the vertical link mounting length has been maintained and the suspension geometry remains consistent and true the way it was intended. Installed with minimal flex polymer, grease-free bushings, the vertical links remove the nasty undesirable effects of rubber bushing oscillations under high loading, maintaining consistent alignment angles during cornering and eliminating wheel hop.

Application: 2015+ Ford Mustang GT/GT350